Aaron Bugaj

BS Environmental Science, Seattle University, 2013
Title & Affiliation: 
Research Technician and LEO Outreach Specialist, Biosphere 2, University of Arizona

My passion for Biosphere 2 is rooted in the opportunities the facility provides for collaborative research, design, and outreach in the field of Earth science, systems ecology, and drylands green infrastructure research. I have been heavily involved in the installation of LEO instrumentation and automated sampling systems including the new state of the art LEO Stable Isotope Lab. I maintain day to day operations and sampling of the LEO hill slopes throughout continued experimentation and rain events.  Additionally, I lead an experiment in the Desert Biome involving traditional clay pot irrigation aka "Olla" that aims to make green infrastructure, soil water dynamics, and plant physiology more approachable for K-12 students interested in Earth science and drylands ecology.

Model Systems