Antonio A. Meira Neto

MS, Hydraulics and Sanitation Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil
BS, Civil Engineering, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Title & Affiliation: 
PhD Student, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona

My backgrounds are in Civil Engineering and Hydraulics and Sanitation Engineering. Before coming to the University of Arizona I worked extensively with hydrological modeling and uncertainty analysis techniques.

In 2013 I joined the Hydrology and Water Resources program at the University of Arizona, to work with Prof. Peter Troch and his group. This was a crucial shift in my career and participating into the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) research endeavors has been positively shaping my training as an earth scientist.

My research at the LEO project is related to the detection and interpretation of the firsts signs of heterogeneity at the subsurface. I am trying to understand which locations along the hillslopes are more likely to experience change and how the biogeochemical alterations of the crushed basalt matrix are linked to the hydrological evolution of the system. To do that, I will perform electrical resistivity surveys of the LEO soil, along with the investigation of its bio-geochemical features.


2017 (Published)

The mechanistic basis for storage-dependent age distributions of water discharged from an experimental hillslope . Pangle, L. A., Kim, M. Cardoso, C., Lora, M., Meira Neto, A. A., Volkmann, T. H. M., Wang, Y., Troch, P. A., and Harman, C. J. (2017): Water Resources Research 53: 2733–2754.

2016 (Published)

Soil Lysimeter Excavation for Coupled Hydrological, Geochemical, and Microbiological Investigations . Sengupta, A. Wang, Y., Meira-Neto, A.A., Matos, K.A., Dontsova, K., Root, R., Neilson, J.W., Maier, R.M., Chorover, J., and Troch, P.A. (2016): Journal of Visualized Experiments 115: e54536.