Matej Durcik

PhD, Physics, Comenius University; Slovakia, 1998
MS, Information Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
Title & Affiliation: 
Researcher, Hydrologic Information Systems, Biosphere 2, University of Arizona

My current work focuses on application of geoinformatics technologies in environmental sciences, database system design and implementation, data management, remote sensing, spatial and temporal data analysis and assimilation, distributed hydrologic modeling, climate variability, environmental radioactivity and physical hydrologic processes.

Curricula Vitae (pdf)

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Model Systems


2017 (Published)

Design and implementation of an operational multimodel multiproduct real-time probabilistic streamflow forecasting platform . Roy, T., Serrat-Capdevila, A., Valdes, J., Durcik, M., and Gupta, H. (2017): Journal of Hydroinformatics 19(6): 911-919.

2016 (Published)

Solid-phase redistribution of rare earth elements in hillslope pedons subjected to different hydrologic fluxes . Vázquez-Ortega, A., Huckle, D., Perdrial, J., Amistadi, M. K., Durcik, M., Rasmussen, C., McIntosh, J., Chorover, J. (2016): Chemical Geology 426: 1-18.

2016 (Published)

Evaluation of the Performance of Three Satellite Precipitation Products over Africa . Serrat-Capdevila, A., Merino, M., Valdes, J.B., Durcik, M. (2016): Remote Sensing 8(10): 836.

2015 (Published)

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2014 (Published)

An integrated modelling framework of catchment‐scale ecohydrological processes: 1.Model description and tests over an energy‐limited watershed . Niu, G.-Y., Paniconi, C., Troch, P. A., Scott, R. L., Durcik, M., Zeng, X., Huxman, T., Goodrich, D. C. (2014): Ecohydrology 7(2): 427–439.

2014 (Published)

An integrated modelling framework of catchment‐scale ecohydrological processes: 2. the role of water subsidy by overland flow on vegetation dynamics in a semi‐arid catchment . Niu, G.-Y., Troch, P. A., Paniconi, C., Scott, R. L., Durcik, M., Zeng, X., Huxman, T., Goodrich, D. C., Pelletier, J. (2014): Ecohydrology 7(2): 815–827.

2013 (Published)

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Jemez-Catalina CZO Data Management System and its Integration . Durcik, M. (2011): CUAHSI Conference on Hydrologic Data and Information Systems, Logan, Utah, June 22-24, 2011.