Till Volkmann

(520) 838-6160
MS, Hydrology, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, 2011
PhD, Hydrology, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, 2016
Title & Affiliation: 
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biosphere 2, University of Arizona

My research aims at an improved understanding of water flow and solute transport in the critical zone from plot to small catchment scales via development and application of innovative monitoring and experimental techniques in conjunction with modeling methods. I am particularly interested in characterizing the linkages of hydrological with ecological and biogeochemical processes. My methodological focus lies on the use of stable water isotopologues to elucidate critical zone processes. My work at LEO is focused on the use of isotope tracer experiments to study time variable flow pathways and residence times of water at various spatial scales, which are tightly linked to mineral weathering and ultimately plant water use in the evolving landscapes.


2018 (Published)

Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters . Benettin, P., Volkmann, T. H. M., von Freyberg, J., Frentress, J., Penna, D., Dawson, T. E., and Kirchner, J. W. (2018): Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22(5): 2881-2890.

2018 (Published)

Effects of differential hillslope‐scale water retention characteristics on rainfall–runoff response at the Landscape Evolution Observatory . van den Heuvel, D. B., Troch, P. A., Booij, M. J., Niu, G.‐Y., Volkmann, T. H. M., Pangle, L. A. (2018): Hydrological Processes 32(13): 2118–2127.

2017 (Published)

The mechanistic basis for storage-dependent age distributions of water discharged from an experimental hillslope . Pangle, L. A., Kim, M. Cardoso, C., Lora, M., Meira Neto, A. A., Volkmann, T. H. M., Wang, Y., Troch, P. A., and Harman, C. J. (2017): Water Resources Research 53: 2733–2754.

2016 (Published)

Multiresponse modeling of variably saturated flow and isotope tracer transport for a hillslope experiment at the Landscape Evolution Observatory . Scudeler, C., Pangle, L., Pasetto, D., Niu, G.-Y., Volkmann, T., Paniconi, C., Putti, M., and Troch, P. (2016): Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20(10): 4061-4078.

2016 (Published)

Transit time distributions and StorAge Selection functions in a sloping soil lysimeter with time-varying flow paths: Direct observation of internal and external transport variability . Kim, M., Pangle, L. A., Cardoso, C., Lora, M., Volkmann, T. H. M., Wang, Y., Harman, C. J., and Troch, P. A. (2016): Water Resources Research 52(9): 7105-7129.