Vice President for Innovation, Dean of the College of Science, Thomas R. Brown Chair and Director of Biosphere 2

Joaquin Ruiz 520-621-4090

Deputy Director, Biosphere 2

John Adams 520-838-6155

Science Director, Biosphere 2

Peter Troch 520-626-4092

Director, B2 Institute

Pierre Meystre 520-621-4651

Director of Education and Outreach, Biosphere 2

Kevin Bonine 520-621-0232

Director of Business and Finance

Julie Stringer 520-626-6974

Executive Associate

Candice Crossey 520-626-4999

Business Office

Business Manager

Rebecca Lona 520-626-8683

Program Coordinator

Judith Yandow 520-626-2602

Accountant, Associate

Michele Clark 520-838-6159

Accountant, Associate

Christine Dunlap 520-838-5014

Grants and Travel

Beth Sanchez 520-621-0234

Conference Center

Coordinator, Custodial Servies and Event Operations

Kimberly Land 520-838-5013

Manager, Conference Center Sales

Mary Lou Robinson 520-621-0719


Director of Marketing, Biosphere 2

Rick Neter 520-838-6136

IT Support

Communications Network Analyst

Kurt Stillman 520-838-6166