Guided Tour Slideshow

Take a quick look at the Guided Tour Slideshow below (as well as the Aerial View Slideshow) to get a taste of what you will see on your visit to Biosphere 2. The tour begins in the human habitat. Here you will see one of the apartments where the Biospherians lived, the farm area where they grew their crops and the kitchen where they cooked their meals. Your guide will then lead you through the airlock door into the wilderness areas of Biosphere 2 where you will experience firsthand the environments of this engineering marvel. You first enter the tropical savanna. The trail system then travels along the 40-foot ocean cliff where you look down into the million-gallon tropical ocean. As you move along the trail, you descend into the lower savanna along the mangrove through the tropical thorn scrub and into the coastal fog desert. From the desert, you now go into the technosphere. The technosphere is where mechanical systems make control of the Biosphere 2 environments possible. From the technosphere you venture into the recently opened tropical rainforest which contains over 150 different species of plants, some more than 60 feet tall! Finally, you'll descend through a tunnel into one of the two lungs. The lungs are large geodesic domes that originally prevented Biosphere 2 from exploding or imploding. Hope you enjoy the tour!