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Biosphere 2 Food-Water-Energy Tour

Take advantage of this rare and special opportunity to explore the world’s largest controlled research facility focused on understanding how our planet works. Starting in November 2017, one tour takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month through May 2018. Please refer to the descriptions below for dates and times.

Biosphere 2 Food-Water-Energy Tour

Join Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford for a special behind-the-scenes-tour of Biosphere 2. Guests will see the inner workings of our one-of-a-kind research and education facility and learn about the diverse and important kinds of science being conducted at Biosphere 2. You will explore how we are creating a better system of food and energy production and will end the tour just outside the glass of Biosphere 2 where we are studying “Agrivoltaics” – a new technique of growing agricultural crop plants in the shade of solar panels. This is a win-win system: the panels create a shadier and cooler environment for the plants, and the evaporation from plant leaves cool down the solar panels, which otherwise get too hot to function at 100%. How do we measure these things? What are the outlooks for the future? Will this work where you live? Come join us and find out!

On the Food-Water-Energy Tour you will:
  • See the Biosphere 2 biomes, underlying technosphere, and innovative research sites
  • Be led through many areas off-limits to other public visitors
  • Observe how science is an important approach to understanding our world
  • Be introduced to ecosystem services and their role in supporting the availability of Food, Energy, and Water that we rely on for our health and happiness
  • Get your hands on the equipment and tools that make our science possible
  • Have a special and memorable experience at Biosphere 2

Learn more about Agrivoltaics (infographic included), and meet Greg Barron-Gafford's Research Group

What You Should Know

Suggested 12 to adult (all participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult).

March 16, 2019

2 hours

Space is limited:
A maximum of 14 per tour.

$75 per person.

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*Ticket proceeds support the mission of Biosphere 2, the iconic research and education arm of the University of Arizona.