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Below is a list of common questions, please click on each question to view the answers. Click the question again to hide an answer. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

The under-the-glass walking tour of Biosphere 2 consists of approximately 150 stairs (up and down) and the route is just under one mile to walk round-trip. The tour duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes with a considerable amount of standing . The tour spends time outside as well as inside the Biosphere 2 research facility itself.  Comfortable, closed-toed shoes are highly recommended as the tour route includes standing, climbing and walking.  The interior of the Biosphere 2 research facility is heated and cooled based on current research protocols and as a result visitors may experience a variety of heat and humidity conditions on the under-the-glass guided tour. Bottled water is allowed on the tour and encouraged. Visitors who have medical considerations, special needs, are non-ambulatory or have other conditions may want to arrange for a less rigorous tour, please see ACCESSIBILITY.  There are also self-guided exhibits and movies which take approximately another hour to view. Visitors should plan to spend about 2 to 2.5 hours at Biosphere 2.
No outside food is allowed on the Biosphere 2 campus. The B2 Café offers light snacks and drinks for reasonable prices.
Yes. Bottled water is important to have as there is quite a bit of walking on the tour and it can get warm, especially during the summer months.
Wear light, comfortable clothes and comfortable walking shoes.
Biosphere 2 is a climate-controlled environment designed to mimic a tropical or sub-tropical climate. At times it can be warm and humid inside.
Pets are not allowed inside Biosphere 2 or on the grounds, service pets that are trained to do specific tasks are welcome.
Yes. Biosphere 2 encourages patrons to take photos and video.
Most of the Biosphere 2 site is wheelchair accessible. We offer modified under-the-glass tour for addtional information Click Here.
Yes. Biosphere 2 is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day and December 25th.