Conferences At Biosphere 2


The event was very successful, and we were very happy at Biosphere 2. Everyone (and I mean everyone!) was very complimentary of you, the facility, your staff and the whole experience. I know we’ll be in good hands for the ESPMI8 event in the fall — and I would not be surprised to see REN booking future events with you. I took a few days off last week myself and am just now catching up on email. Let me know if you need anything for the billing. I’ve submitted the bar invoice for payment on our foundation account. Cheers —

Dan Moseke – EWF Workshop – April 2015

Thank you for working with us to support the NASEP students for yet another year.  The students leave B2 with a broader understanding about the many possibilities that lie in front of them, an all of us at Early Academic Outreach are thankful for your efforts to facilitate such an outcome –

Ace Charette / NASEP (Early Academic Outreach)  June 2014

Thank you again for making our Flinn-Brown trip to the B2 on Friday so fun and memorable! We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. The day was fantastic!!

Have a great week.

Emily Rajakovich – Flinn-Brown – April 2015

We used the Biosphere2 Conference Facility for our workshop in August 2014, and from start to finish it was a very positive experience. The facility staff were helpful in all planning, helped us in finding a vendor for airport transportation, and recommended a fantastic caterer.

The workshop facilities were comfortable and spacious, meeting all of our needs. In the workshop evaluations, we received the following comments:
“Setting and facilities were beautiful”
“An amazing location, I felt surrounded by mother nature”
“The food was absolutely awesome”

Our group is planning a follow-up workshop in January, and there is 100% consensus that we must hold the event at Biosphere 2 once again.

Dr. Jean McLain – Antibiotic Resistance Workshop – August 2014
Associate Director, Water Resources Research Center
Associate Research Scientist, Soil, Water and Environmental Science

I just wanted to thank you for making our off-site meeting a success! We are going to be planning a follow up meeting in late May/early June, so far the date that looks the best is May 26th, can you tell me if the room is available for that date?

Leah Petty – Ventana Medical HR Department – April 2015

Thanks Kim.  Everything went off well, as planned.  All arrived before 4 pm, so no trouble there.  The kitchen worked well, and we fed everyone dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday, then most took the Biosphere 2 tour before riding down to Tucson. All were checked out and gone before noon. Thanks so much for your help. I heard nothing but compliments about the casitas.  

Tom Adams – Phoenix Metro Bike Tour – February 2015

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