Biosphere 2 Artist-In-Residence

Lee Pivnik

Lee Pivnik (b. 1995) is a visual artist from Miami, Florida. He lives and works in Miami and Providence RI. He is currently obtaining a BFA in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies. Working predominantly in sculpture, photography, and video- his practice serves as a coping mechanism to work through global environmental degradation. On good days, he rejects bleak forecasts with a humorous, colorful and queer aesthetic that manifests itself through inventive and organic forms.

Lee Pivnik at Biosphere 2

Project Statement

Lee Pivnik has produced a series of work that focuses on one of the biggest challenges of closed system experiments: Understanding and replicating ecosystem services. Humans benefit from a range of ecosystem services, and our livelihoods are dependent on these cycles and services working well. One such critical provision is the act of crop pollination by insects and birds. Pivnik focuses on these pollinators for his show, and attempts to make their invisible labor visible by utilizing materials that are responsive to ultraviolet light, a part of the spectrum that is invisible to us but helps pollinators navigate. 

Love That Bears No Fruit from Lee Pivnik on Vimeo.