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Biosphere 2 E-STEAM Program!

Engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

The arts can be a valuable medium for conveying science to broad audiences and helps highlight the important role of creativity and critical thinking across many disciplines. The E-STEAM Program elevates community engagement and science awareness, and provides an educational platform to engage visitors, teachers, and K-12 student groups. Programming includes:

Illuminating Art & Biology - Light, Cyanotypes, and Plants

This engaging lesson will allow students to explore the basics of composition and the photographic process by creating their own cyanotype print using found botanical samples. Students will also be tasked with observing and identifying their specimens in the context of biodiversity and the role of plants in Earth systems. This hands-on activity, based in art and design, helps build an understanding of the critical role of light for food production, insect navigation (finding the pollen centers of flowers!), and oxygen regeneration.

Coming soon... a call for new E-STEAM offering ideas. If we select your creative and engaging lesson submission we will provide you a FREE hands-on/minds-on lesson (up to 30 participants) for your class at Biosphere 2. Details will be shared here in the near future.

Biosphere 2 Artist Residency Competition

A competition for students or early career artists whose work is environmentally/science focused and have an interest in arts-based science communication. Learn more!

Application process for the Biosphere 2 Artist Residency Competition is now closed.

Other Residency Opportunities

Biosphere 2 also invites applications from professionals with their own funding that are interested in other areas of relevance to the education and outreach mission of Biosphere 2. These could include artists, teachers, science communicators, STE(a)M education practitioners, and more. How can we work together to improve your success, add value to Biosphere 2 programs, or increase science literacy with various audiences. Please submit your ideas to Kevin Bonine at kebonine@email.arizona.edu. Acceptance is based on project approval and space availability. Access to our facility is available but no stipends or other resources are provided.

Previous Artist Residencies

Dana Fritz
Deborah Ford
Judy Natal
Patrick Millard
Regine Petersen
Simone Gorete Machado
Steven G. Derks
William L. Fox
Lee Pivnik
Yozo Takada
Charles Hedgcock
Kathleen Velo

Installation at Biosphere 2!


Biosphere 2 is the site for artist Isan Brant's project entitled, Tracing Ancient Oceans, an installation of large multi-media sculptures that draw from local geological and ecological history in exploring human/nature interactions. Isan is currently pursuing an MFA in studio art at the University of Arizona. Interview with Isan Brant

Isan Brant 2018 Artist Commencement Video