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REU Application Form

Application Instructions

To apply, (1) complete the application below (including selecting your choice of preferred projects), (2) upload a 2-page maximum narrative statement of educational and career goals, research experiences and interests, and (3) arrange for two letters of reference to be submitted through this website.  Projects and mentors for the 2021 program can be found here. You will not be able to save and edit your application, so look it over, gather your materials together, and then fill in the form and upload your essay. All application materials (including letters of recommendation) should be submitted by March 1st, 2021.

Essay/Narrative Statement

Your application also includes a two-page maximum essay that describes your background and interest in the B2 REU program. Name the file with your last name and first initial and date (e.g. studentlastname_firstinitial_essay_year.pdf). If Jordan Smith is the applicant, the file would be named Smith_J_essay_2021.pdf.

We ask that you submit your essay here after you have completed the online application at the bottom of this page. 

You may want to include: (a) your general career and science interests and goals within environmental and Earth systems sciences, (b) what experiences you have had that qualify you for this research program, (c) previous research experiences and what you got out of them, (d) what you hope to achieve by spending your summer conducting research with Biosphere 2, how the program will contribute to your degree program, (e) anything else that you think would be helpful in evaluating your application. Please be as specific as possible, the essay helps us make placement decisions among many highly qualified applicants. We recommend a clear focus on the goals, features, and faculty mentors associated with this REU program. Try to emphasize your recent professional and educational experiences and avoid describing events during childhood. Essays should be written with word processing software, 2 pages max in length with single-spacing and a blank line between consecutive paragraphs, a legible font (11-12 point), and 1 inch margins – then upload your essay as described above. 

Letters of Recommendation from two persons

You should arrange to have two letters of recommendation uploaded as well. Please see directions here. You will also need to provide the name and contact information for your references on the application below. Individuals who are able to comment on the applicant’s academic ability are preferred, including faculty advisors at the student’s home institution or mentors from previous research activities.


REU participants must be current undergraduate students and must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. Students must be enrolled in a degree program with at least one semester remaining after completion of the summer REU program.

Applications must be submitted digitally using the form below. The information requested on this application form will be used to select qualified applicants and to comply with the reporting requirements of the National Science Foundation. Personal information will be viewed by the selection committee only and will not be disclosed without permission by the applicant. Submission is voluntary but failure to provide complete information may reduce the possibility of your receiving an internship with the REU Program.

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