REU Letters of Recommendation

Respondents should include the applicant's name, how long they have known the applicant and in what capacity, and a ranking or evaluation of the applicant relative to their peer group.

Please comment on overall research ability or potential, oral and written communication skills, ability to work independently, attitude, and enthusiasm. Letters should be written on official university or institution letterhead.

Please save letter of recommendation as a pdf file. Name the file with the applicant's last name and first initial followed by the recommender's last name and date (studentlastnamefirstinitial_recommenderlastname_year.pdf).

For example, if you, as Dr. Smith, write a letter in support of Fred Jones' application, the file would be named: JonesF_Smith_2021.pdf.

After you have submitted your name and student information below, please upload the letter here.

Your Name
Name of the student for whom you have written the recommendation.
The email address for your student. Students will not be able to see letters of recommendation, but they will be informed of the submission.