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One Young World Environment Summit 2016

The One Young World Environment Summit 2016 was the first One Young World event which focused on environmental issues and the role young leaders (delegates) play in decisions impacting the environment. The Summit took place on May 19-21, 2016 at University of Arizona Biosphere 2 and University of Arizona ENR2 (Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building). The 365 delegates participated in discussions, workshops, breakout sessions to inspired them to initiate positive impacts on the environment.


“Humbled in Tucson surrounded by some of the most brilliant change makers from around the globe determined to better the world One Young World.” – Komal Ahmad

On the first day of the Summit delegates had dinner in front of the Human Habitat at Biosphere 2, where they met and networked with one another. One Young World founders Kate Robertson and David Jones gave a welcome speech. Tucson's Mayor Johnathan Rothschild and University of Arizona's College of Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz welcomed delegates to Tucson and Biosphere 2.


“To accomplish the solutions we need for our environment, we must work to realize we are all interconnected” - Renée A. García

On the second day of the Summit (held at the University of Arizona ENR2 Building) numerous scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and, entertainers inspired delegates to create their own initiatives to solve global issues. Topics included: Reducing wastes, scarce resources, how environmental issues affect indigenous populations, the impacts of climate change on the Antarctic and Arctic poles, the role corporation and U.S. government has on sustainable development, and the world as an interconnected system. 

Former President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo gave a powerful speech on taking action in order to solve climate change. While Gene Giacomelli, Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center [CEAC] at the University of Arizona discussed how greenhouse solutions could help feeding the world. 


“This discussion with Jennifer Gray has really inspired me to work on ocean conservation when I get home to Florida!” - Sarah Gilmore

The third day put ideas and inspirations from the speakers into actions. Delegates participated in workshops, breakout sessions and gave presentations. Not only that but delegates got exclusive tours to Biosphere 2 research facilities and laboratories. Through these tours delegates learned more about our earth and the research we are doing to predict future environmental issues. During breakout sessions the concentration was on using politics to create change within communities, being a voice for those who cannot, environmental activism, and effects of climate change on indigenous communities. 

Christine Milne, former Australian Senator, shared with delegates her path to environmental activism. She stressed the importance of pursuing politics to speak out about critical environmental concerns that effect her lifestyle.


“As Margie Alt and Christine Miline encouraged...start looking into the companies that you buy from and make decisions based on what those companies are doing to reduce emissions and be environmentally and socially responsible!” – Kristin Blum

The closing dinner on the third day (last day of the Summit) ended with a performance by Sekou Andrews, actor and poet. He urged delegates to turn their networking into practical projects and apply their new knowledge from the Summit to better the planet. The Summit concluded with hundreds of networks formed and future collaborations planned. 


“It was such a great experience at the One Young World summit this weekend. A whole new experience, a whole new movement, a whole new outlook” – Tina Vavages-Andrew

One Young World Environmental Summit 2017 April 7-9th check back soon for additional details!

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The success of the One Young World Environment Summit 2016 is accredited to the One Young World 2016 donors, delegates, University of Arizona, Biosphere 2 and speakers.

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