Alejandro Cueva Rodriguez

PhD, Environmental Biology, CICESE, 2017
MSc, Environmental Geosciences, CICESE, 2013
Title & Affiliation: 
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biosphere 2, School of Natural Resources and the Environment and BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona

My research is focused on the understanding of the biophysical controls of the exchange of matter and energy between the terrestrial surface and the atmosphere.


Model Systems


2019 (Published)

Reconciling Negative Soil CO2 Fluxes: Insights from a Large-Scale Experimental Hillslope . Cueva, A., Volkmann, T.H.M., van Haren, J., Troch, P.A., Meredith, L.K. (2019): Soil Systems 3(1): 10.

2018 (Published)

Controlled Experiments of Hillslope Coevolution at the Biosphere 2 Landscape Evolution Observatory: Toward Prediction of Coupled Hydrological, Biogeochemical, and Ecological Change . Volkmann Till H. M., Aditi Sengupta, Luke A. Pangle, Katerina Dontsova, Greg A. Barron-Gafford, Ciaran J. Harman, Guo-Yue Niu, Laura K. Meredith, Nate Abramson, Antonio A. Meira Neto, Yadi Wang, John R. Adams, David D. Breshears, Aaron Bugaj, Jon Chorover, Alejandro Cueva, Stephen B. DeLong, Matej Durcik, Ty P. A. Ferre, Edward A. Hunt, Travis E. Huxman, Minseok Kim, Raina M. Maier, Russell K. Monson, Jon D. Pelletier, Michael Pohlmann, Craig Rasmussen, Joaquin Ruiz, Scott R. Saleska, Marcel G. Schaap, Michael Sibayan, Markus Tuller, Joost L. M. van Haren, Xubin Zeng and Peter A. Troch (2018): in: Hydrology of Artificial and Controlled Experiments (eds. Jiu-Fu Liu and Wei-Zu Gu), IntechOpen, pp. 25-74.

2018 (Published)

Net Soil Exchange of CO2 and CO in a Mesocosm Experiment with Incipient Basaltic Tephra . Pappas, J., Cueva, A., Volkmann, T., Troch, P., van Haren, J.L.M., and Meredith, L.K. (2018): Abstract ED13E-0804 presented at 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C., 10-14 Dec.