Data & Models

LEO Data

The data acquisition server allows real-time monitoring of all data streams, whereas the two functions of the data server are to archive data and enable visualization and publishing. The data model used for LEO data was developed and implemented as a relational database SensorDB. LEO sensor description, computations and additional datasets are available from the Biosphere 2 Research Wiki.

Available datasets and live data streams from the LEO east, center, west and mini slopes, and ambient indoor and outdoor data can be viewed and downloaded at:

LEO East Slope Data

LEO Center Slope Data

LEO West Slope Data

LEO Mini Slope Data

LEO General Data

Rain, soil and outflow water chemistry data are available at:

LEO Water Chemistry Data

LEO was intended to be a tool for the scientific community.  Researchers that have interests in performing experiments at LEO or use datasets collected by LEO are encouraged to contact Biosphere 2 affiliates to discuss potential collaborative opportunities. For more details see the LEO Data Policy.