Phased Re-opening of Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 has developed a phased reopening plan in order to maintain the safety of our visitors and staff while on site. This plan was designed to follow CDC and UArizona guidelines regarding physical distancing, group size, and the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and other barriers. Biosphere 2 is in incredible scientific resource and an exciting destination – we hope to preserve access to our facility for all.

Phase One – Driving Tour

Biosphere 2 is currently open to a limited number of simultaneous visitors for driving tours. This will allow visitors to visit Biosphere 2 within the safety and comfort of their vehicle and family group, ensuring physical distancing between other visitors and staff. An audio app has been produced to accompany each visitor as they drive through the Biosphere 2 property, highlighting historical facts, current research, and architectural features.

For more information about the driving tour, and how to buy tickets, please visit the link below.

Biosphere 2 Night Driving Tour

Phase Two – Self-Guided Exterior Tour

In Phase Two Biosphere 2 will provide a fascinating, family-friendly tour app guide, as visitors explore the history-rich Biosphere 2 property, experiencing the engineering and science marvel that is Biosphere 2, near Tucson, Arizona. Along with the app tour, the app also includes slideshows and videos that visualize the science. Through science stories, interviews, and animations, we have the opportunity to bring the amazing and world-class research to life as visitors follow a one-way path around the exterior of Biosphere 2. Limited group sizes, mandatory masks and enforced physical distancing will ensure the safety of visitors as they explore the exterior of Biopshere 2.

More information about our Self-Guided Exterior Tour, including timeline and availability is coming soon. Please come check this page again and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Phase Three – Self Guided Wilderness Area App Tour

Biosphere 2 staff are hard at work developing a new one-way trail system inside the Rain Forest, Ocean, Mangrove and Coastal Fog Desert areas inside Biosphere 2. In Phase Three, visitors will be able to explore the inside of Biosphere 2, entering through the Rainforest, traversing several wilderness areas, guided by the Biosphere 2 Tour app, and exit through the Coastal Fog Desert. As we approach Phase Three, Biosphere 2 will enforce appropriate safety policies regarding group size, mask and PPE use and physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and UArizona guidelines at that time.

For more information please check this page again, follow us on social media to receive the latest updates.

This page last updated: 08/31/2020