Experience Biosphere 2


The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 welcomes all visitors and strives to make it's tours, exhibits and programs accessible to everyone. While much of the Biosphere 2 campus is wheelchair accessible, certain areas of the property are not accessible due the steep terrain and the presence of stairs on the tours. The Under-the-Glass guided tour of the biomes themselves is not accessible for individuals that use wheelchairs or walkers, or that have trouble navigating slopes and stairs. Upon request, Biosphere 2 will provide a modified Under-the-Glass tour experience for guests with accessibility concerns. For guests who are unable to visit the parts of the property that are not accessible, there are videos and descriptions available throughout the facility. We are often able to accommodate same-day requests for accessible tours, however, with advance notice of 5 or more calendar days we can guarantee the accessible tour will be available and wait time shorter. To inquire about scheduling a tour, fees, or for other questions, please contact Biosphere 2 Group Bookings at 520-621-3960 between the hours of 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Ability360 Tour and Article

Kade Garner has written a great piece for Abililty360 focusing on the tour experience of people with limited mobililty, and Biosphere 2's ongoing efforts to improve access and create innovative alternative experiences for visitors.

View the article at Ability360

Watch the Facebook Video 

Request An Interpreter

For those wishing to request a Sign Language interpreter, please fill out a request at https://hood.accessiblelearning.com/s-Arizona/CustomRequest.aspx or contact the University of Arizona DRC at 520.621.3268 V/TTY. This service must be requested prior to the visit. Pets are not allowed inside Biosphere 2 or on the grounds, service pets that are trained to do specific tasks are welcome. Do not leave pets unattended in vehicles.

For additional information on accessibility at Biosphere 2, please call 520-621-3960.