Become a Volunteer

Due to COVID 19 we are not currently accepting any volunteers at Biosphere 2. 



Volunteering at Biosphere 2 is a great way to be part of outreach to the community and have fun learning at the same time! Volunteers are instrumental in fulfilling Biosphere 2’s mission of enhancing public understanding of science by our 100,000+ annual visitors. Contribute in a variety of fun and interesting ways including:

Volunteers at Biosphere 2

  • Visitor Services Specialist; enhancing the visitor experience by being a friendly presence and resource to visitors.
  • Tour Escort; assisting our Interpretive Specialists with tour management and execution.
  • Program Assistant; providing invaluable behind-the-scenes support.
  • Content Specialist; sharing your knowledge in a specific area or field, e.g.: ocean ecology, solar energy, K-12 education.
  • One-time events; helping with special events both at Biosphere 2 and in the community.
  • Volunteers are also offered continuing education and professional development experiences alongside Biosphere 2 staff members.

“I heard about volunteering at Biosphere 2 in an email from the University of Arizona. I had visited when we first moved to Arizona and was fascinated by it, and I had hoped that I would be able to be involved there someday. At present I volunteer one or two days a week usually as a tour escort or as a greeter at the beginning of the tours. I am having a wonderful time with the guests and staff, and everyone is very friendly. I learn new things every time I am there, which will keep me coming back.”   Darlene B.

“I heard about the volunteer program through one of the interpretive specialists. I am helping him write curriculum, and I also helped run three 4th grade classes through his new Squid Lab.”  Anne L.

Volunteers at Biosphere 2"I heard about volunteering at Biosphere 2 from various people ... I help with school groups in the marine biology lab. Marine biology is one of my favorite areas and I love working with kids. I've just retired after 44 years of teaching science to elementary school children. Volunteering at Biosphere 2 allows me to keep doing what I love on my own schedule. I love hearing kids' commentary on the science activities they're doing and watching the light bulb go on when they discover something new."  Liz P.