An event only the world’s largest earth science lab could deliver. 

Join us for this day of dialogue and discovery: Earth Day at Biosphere 2.  

Purchase tickets now for this special event including speakers, live music, science demonstrations, exhibitors, panel discussions, local food and engaging kids activities. VIP tickets are $32 and include VIP concert seating and a Biosphere 2 Annual Pass. General admission tickets are also available. 

Activities Scheduled for Earth Day

  • 9AM to 6PM: Earth Day Exhibitors booths and presentations on the lawn
  • 9AM-4PM: KAMP Mobile DJ at the B2 Café Lawn
  • 10AM to 12:30PM: Presentations on The Future of Food speakers and demonstrations under the tent
  • 10AM to 2PM: Performances by Mark Freshwater Biosphere 2 Upper Habitat
  • 10:30AM to 2PM: Live Scuba Diving Demonstrations at the Biosphere 2 Ocean
  • 10:30AM to 4PM: Hermit Crab Releases every half-hour at the Biosphere 2 Ocean
  • 11:00AM to 12PM: Mariachi Aztlán at the Biosphere 2 Sculpture Garden
  • 12:30PM to 2PM: What If? Presentations at the start of every guided tour in the Lower Habitat
  • 1PM to 4PM: Panel Discussions on Earth, Food, Energy and Water including keynote address under the tent
  • 4PM to 4:30PM: Civic Farms Vertical Farm Groundbreaking West Lung
  • 4:30PM to 6PM: Live Music special live show by Calexico on the lawn

Enjoy hands-on activities designed to engage and educate.

From open air ladybug releases and scuba diving demonstrations to a stroll on the beach with thousands of hermit crabs, Earth Day at Biosphere 2 will delight your family with an up-close look at the natural systems that guide life on our planet.  

Make your commitment to our planet’s future, here at Biosphere 2.

For the past ten years, the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 has been diving deeper, looking closer and advancing science on an unparalleled scale to better understand our changing planet. On Earth Day, meet the UA faculty who are probing the complex couplings of life, energy, and water that drive our dynamic world. Their cutting-edge exploration of Biosphere 2’s model ecosystems and its Landscape Evolution Observatory is like nowhere else on Earth.

Gain up-to-the-minute insights on global issues from leading scientists. 

Engage in our series of moderated panel discussions on topics critical to the future of life on our planet: Earth, Energy, Water and Food. A keynote speaker will introduce the panels where scientists from across the nation will participate in this main-tent event. Panel discussions begin at 1PM.

Panel Discussions Overview 

Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 will feature a variety of morning lectures on The Future of Food and a three-hour afternoon series of moderated panel discussions on topics critical to our planet — Earth, Energy, Water and Food. Joaquin Ruiz will introduce the panel discussions where a total of 12 scientists from across the nation will participate in lively discussion in this main-tent event. Panel discussions will begin at 1PM. Speakers and panelists include:

Joaquin Ruiz, Vice President for Innovation and Director of Biosphere 2, University of Arizona

Edward P. Bass, Co-founder of Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2: The Next 10 Years 
Joaquin Ruiz 

Earth Panel 
Moderator: Exequiel Ezcurra, Director and Professor of Plant Ecology, University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States Chris Langdon, Professor of Marine Biology and Ecology, University of Miami Kevin Griffin, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University 

Energy Panel 
Moderator: Henry Pollack, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Michigan Kim Ogden, Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona Bryan Willson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and founder of the Engines and Energy Conversion Lab, Colorado State University 

Water Panel 
Moderator: Travis Huxman, Director of the Center for Environmental Biology, University of California Irvine William Dietrich, Professor of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley Ciaran Harman, Russell Croft Faculty Scholar and Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 

Food Panel 
Moderator: Howard Shapiro, Mars Advanced Research Institute Fellow, Mars Inc. Paul Hardej, CEO, Civic Farms and Co-Founder of FarmedHere Gary Nabhan, MacArthur Fellow and W.K. Kellogg Chair in Southwest Borderlands Food and Water Security, University of Arizona 

Get a taste of the future of food in Tucson: world city of gastronomy.

Biosphere 2 will officially honor Tucson as the first city in the U.S. to be recognized by UNESCO as a World City of Gastronomy by highlighting local chefs, growers, producers, distillers, ranchers, innovators and food advocates in the main tent on the Biosphere 2 lawn. Food and culture presentations continue from 10AM to 12:30PM. Enjoy some lunch, then stick around for the groundbreaking of Civic Farm’s new 20,000 sq. ft. vertical farm inside Biosphere 2’s West Lung!

Chill out at the end of Earth Day with a sunset concert by Calexico. 

The acclaimed band Calexico has crossed musical barriers, embracing a multitude of styles, variety in instrumentation, and well-cultivated signature sounds. Join us for this special musical performance!  

This Earth Day, come and explore the world’s largest living research center and find out why Time Life Books named Biosphere 2 a must-see wonder of the world. An easy drive south of Phoenix – just north of Tucson – Biosphere 2 is on Hwy 77 at mile marker 96.5.

Each Saturday in April, Biosphere 2’s successful WHAT IF? EVENTS will invite the public to explore these topics that focus on Sustainable Ecosystems:

  • April 1: Jaguars and Wildlife UA Udall Center presentation with special Ocean Beach Tour with hermit crab releases.
  • April 8: Hopi Farming Practices SNRE presentation along with special Rainforest Tour and ladybug release.
  • April 15: Green Spaces and Mental Health SNRE presentation.
  • April 22: Bats Role in the Environment SNRE and Arid Lands Resources Science presentation. Other activities include: Hermit Crab and Ladybug Releases, New Civic Farms Vertical Farm Complex Groundbreaking, Tucson Electric Vehicle Assocation Exhibit
  • April 29: The Ecosystems of Dry Grasslands SNRE and UA Udall Center co-presentation.

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