Experience Biosphere 2

Group Tours

Group reservations are not needed for groups of fewer than 20 visitors for our introductory tour available daily during operating hours from 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  To make an immediate group tour booking please call 520-621-3960.

Upon arrival, we ask for one payment for the entire authorized group. Some groups, depending on season and program content, will be asked to pay a deposit ahead of time to secure their visit. Please be ready with appropriate payment for your accurate group size and composition so your time on site at Biosphere 2 is used most effectively. You will be asked to pay for the number of participants provided on your completed booking form. Refunds are not possible as Biosphere 2 staff have been scheduled based on your provided participant count. If we can accommodate them, additional participants above your provided count may be subject to 50% surcharge.

Group rates are as follows:

Private Guided Group Tour
  • $30 per person 

Special VIP "Behind-the-Scenes" tour is $60 per person with a minimum charge of $600. 
Please contact us directly to customize your group tour on a specific Biosphere 2 topic or to get a featured speaker.

Tour Operators

Contact for specific information: 520-621-3960 or BIO2-GROUP@email.arizona.edu

UA or college affiliate: $16 per person for 20 or more participants, $320 flat rate for 19 participants or less. Duration approx. 90 minutes. Maximum Group size is 120 participants.

Private Adult Tour: $30 per person for a group of 20 participants or more, $600 flat rate for 19 or less. Duration approx. 90 minutes. Maximum Group size is 120 participants. This tour takes place along public tour route.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour: $60 per person for a group of 10 participants or more, includes tour and special access to portions of the facility. $600 flat rate for 9 or fewer participants. Duration 90 - 120 minutes. Inquire about maximum group size. These tours give you exclusive access to the lower rainforest and beach with a private guide that can answer all of your questions.

Accessible ADA Tour: Regular admission prices apply (coupons and discount eligible). Reservations a week or more ahead of time are encouraged so we can ensure staff availability. Accessible ADA tours without reservations ≥ 5 days ahead of time will likely have a longer wait. Tour duration 60 - 90 minutes. Note that our staff are not allowed to push wheelchairs for visitors. Visitors requiring assistance may be provided a complimentary admission for a necessary assistant.