Charles Gates


Charles served in the United States Navy and attended a variety of Vocational schools from 1984 to 1988.  He started working at Biosphere 2 in September of 1990, while also active in the United States Naval Reserve. Charles was a member of the original Energy Center start up crew and helped commission the generators, boilers, chillers, cooling towers and associated equipment. Charles was called to active duty for Desert Shield Desert Storm and returned in May of 1991.  He helped to support both Biosphere missions, operating and maintaining the plant/equipment 24/7 until Columbia University transitioned to grid power.  After Columbia, Charles secured employment with Pima County as a co-gen plant operator/mechanic, but has also maintained part-time status as a Biosphere 2 employee, and is a valued member of our team. He has assisted in the development of operational protocols and has trained many new operators over the years.