User Facility Information


Biosphere 2 User Facility

Biosphere 2 is a science research center open to any interested researcher (“user”) through a competitive peer-reviewed proposal process, cost for users who intend to publish their results will be dependent on research project and system. The User Program offers users access to all of Biosphere 2's instruments and capabilities as well as the expertise of world-class scientific and technical staff.

The program is open to scientists from academia, industry, and research institutes worldwide. Most user projects involve one or more users coming to work on-site at Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona, though some projects are conducted remotely. The on-site users join a vibrant community where they can receive training, collaborate with staff and other users, attend seminars, and share their results in informal meetings. 

User projects vary in size and scope and may last anywhere from a few days up to a year. Longer-term projects can be accommodated by subsequent follow-on proposals.

The Biosphere 2 laboratory has 8 research systems including the Landscape Evolution Observatory, Tropical Rain Forest, Ocean, Mangroves, Savanna, Desert, Agrivoltaics and the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM). 


Access to Biosphere 2 is dependent on scope of research for non-proprietary research; the vast majority of projects fall into this category. Onsite users bear their own living, local transportation, and travel costs. Depending on the scope of the project, cost of standard incidentals related to the user project (such as chemicals, basic lab supplies, office supplies) may be supported by Biosphere 2. In the case that a user’s project requires consumable items above and beyond what is customary, they will be asked to establish a charge account to handle these more costly incidentals.

Proprietary projects pay a full cost recovery rate during the period when the project is active.

On-site Living Accommodations

Conveniently located on Biosphere 2 property, the Casita Village is comprised of 28 Santa Fe style casitas with 3-5 bedrooms, bathrooms, shared kitchen and living space. The Casita Village offers visitors three different room styles and prices. Room options include an upgraded bedroom with private on suite bathroom, a standard room with a shared bathroom, and a dormitory style room with bunk beds and shared bathroom. All accommodations are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators, stove, oven, individual temperature controls, internet access and telephone. Federal rates are available to eligible parties.


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