Dr. Aditi Sengupta

LEO Research Collaborator- GCR Grant

Dr. Sengupta is a soil microbial ecologist with research interests in understanding how microorganisms are impacted by their environment and in turn influence local-to-global environments. Originally from India, Dr. Sengupta came to the United States in 2010 for her PhD. She has expertise working with agricultural, incipient, and coastal soils. Her professional preparation includes a PhD from The Ohio State University, followed by postdoctoral research at University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, Washington).

Dr. Sengupta's teaching interests align with her research goals and she is currently teaching Microbiology and Molecular Biology. She values the power of mentorship and continues to actively form mentor-mentee relationships. She has many mentors to thank who continue to inspire her and guide her in her professional and personal life. Dr. Sengupta is interested in involving students outside her classroom in research projects which include opportunities in bioinformatics and microbial sequence data analysis. 

A microbe enthusiast, Dr. Sengupta integrates field and lab experiments to derive omics-related understanding of soil-microbe interactions. Dr. Sengupta is a proponent of open-science, inclusive excellence, science communication, and STEM outreach. In her non-work hours, Dr. Sengupta enjoys hiking, cooking, painting-by-numbers, traveling, and watching Indian movies and TV shows when she is homesick.