Steve Littler

Biosphere 2 Maintenance & Plant Lead

Steve Littler has been with Biosphere 2 for thirty years and manages Operations, Maintenance, and Landscaping personnel, as well as the Energy Center power generation and climate control facility.  Some of his duties include interfacing with vendors, service providers, contractors, county, state, and federal air quality permitting and compliance, project management, Emergency Medical Services, Haz Mat, UST, and safety training.  Steve is also involved with access and security, wildlife relocation, conference logistics and public interface, fire safety, and medical first responder training. 

Steve received his BFA from the University of Arizona in 1981 and began work at the University of Arizona Foundation’s Oracle Conference Center.  In 1993, after ten years in mining and process control, Steve returned to the Biosphere as an Energy Center Operator, and In 1999 Steve was promoted to Biosphere Operations Supervisor with Columbia University.

Steve and his team continue to develop and refine operations protocols, and support the science, mission, and public outreach espoused by the University of Arizona.