SAM Mars Analog

A Space Analog for the Moon and Mars

SAM exterior

SAM is a Space Analog for the Moon and Mars. This hi-fidelity, hermetically sealed and pressurized habitat and research station is composed of a living quarters complete with workshop, kitchen, crew quarters, and toilet facility. It includes a fully functional airlock, computer controlled and electric actuated pressure regulation system, and pressure release valves and flow control. Built around the 1987 Biosphere 2 Test Module, this prototype now serves as the controlled environment or greenhouse for visiting research teams. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, relative humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure monitored and regulated for the duration of research missions.

SAM is not another open air analog—this is as close as you can get to living on Mars without reducing gravity or dropping the temperature to 100°C below zero.

Sam Interior

Visiting researchers (crew of 1-4) will propose projects in the fields of biology, plant physiology, regolith chemistry and soil ecology, food cultivation, AI and robotics, personal psychology, tool use, haptics, and habitation studies to name a few.

If accepted, teams of up to four can live within SAM from two weeks to a few months at a time, while additional crew can stay on the Biosphere 2 campus, making use of the dedicated Mission Operations Center and lodging. Crew can rotate from Ops to SAM a scheduled basis such that each team member has a chance to work in both environments. EVAs in pressure suits are assisted by SAM staff, enabling a fully immersed, safe experience, from start to finish.

SAM development is lead by University of Arizona Biosphere 2 Director of Researcher Kai Staats in concert with senior staff at Biosphere 2. SAM is a return to the origin of the iconic Biosphere 2 and a look to the future as we prepare to become an interplanetary species. At SAM you are a part of this next, great adventure.

SAM hydro

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SAM Research Team

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